General Questions:

  • How is Book Taco different from Accelerated Reader®?

    1. Functionality – Much more and inclusive
    Similar to AR, Book Taco offers reading comprehension based “Book Quizzes” but that’s were the similarities end. Book Taco goes well beyond AR’s one dimensional quiz approach and provides a platform that is inclusive of all the student learning types by offering a wide variety of reading related activities where students can:

    – Log their daily reading time
    – Write about the books they are reading
    – Create Book Talk videos
    – Learn book specific vocabulary & spelling to mastery – over 150,000 word lists
    – Work on book related printables
    – Take a reading comprehension quiz
    – Earn rewards
    – Customize avatars

    2. Platform Independence – Can’t tie us down!

    In Book Taco students get their own web based accounts allowing for 24/7/365 access to our program from school, home, grandma’s house, or anywhere they have an internet connection. Our architecture not only provides for a dynamic platform during the academic year, but, Book Taco is also perfect for your school’s summer reading initiatives as well.

    3. Affordability – Save a ton

    At a fraction of the cost, Book Taco is far more affordable. Request a quote and find out.

  • Is BookTaco aligned with Common Core State Standards or my state standards?

    Answer: Yes.

    Keeping in mind Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is not a curriculum but a set of standards. BookTaco.com is a resource that supports CCSS initiatives such as foundational reading skills, writing, language arts and cross curricular learning.

    To see how our program aligns aligns with state and Common Core State Standards click here!

  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    Answer: Yes! We accept purchase orders. For an official quote, email admin@booktaco.com and let us now how many teacher accounts you need and how many students you have. We’ll then email you an official quote from which you can generate your purchase order.

    Snail Mail:
    Synergy1 Group, Inc.
    130 Corridor Road
    Unit 2152
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    Phone: 1 888 448-3363

  • Can parents and homeschoolers create a Book Taco account?

    Answer: No.

    Only teachers, librarians, media specialist and administrators from an accredited public or private school can create Book Taco accounts. For parents and homeschoolers, please visit Booktaco.com which is designed for home use.

  • Do you provide the printed, electronic books or audible books?

    Answer: No.

    We don’t provide books. ebooks or audible books. Our students either own or borrow the books from their school, classroom or local library.

  • Can I add book quizzes?

    Answer: Yes.

    If we do not have a book quiz you can create one. All book quizzes are reviewed by our book quiz team before going live.

  • Do you have a letter to send home to parents?

    Answer: Yes

    You can find the letter in your teacher’s account ‘Settings’ tab.

    Parent’s Permission Letter
    Parent Letter
  • Can my students use Book Taco at home?

    Answer: Yes.

    You will need to provide students with their login credentials and students can access at home or school. You have an option to turn off book quizzes being able to be taken at home.

    Please note: For Clever sign on users, students will need to be able to access their Clever portals from home to access Book Taco.

  • How do my students earn game coins?

    Answer: Students earn game coins with each activity they pass or when a teacher reviews the students submitted work and awards coins. These coins can be redeemed in our Rewards page. Keep in mind teachers can customize the Rewards page settings and have the option to turn the page off completely, set to “Weekends Only” mode or limited the amount of daily play.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Answer: All premium memberships have a 14 day refund policy with a $7 processing fee for cancellations. You can try before you buy with our free membership which requires no financial information.

  • How do I start a membership?

    Answer: You will first need to create an account to start your membership via the ‘Join!’ button (top of the page). Once you have an account, log in and click on MEMBERSHIP (top of the page). We require no financial information to create an account.

  • How to contact us?


    1. Live Chat: Real time response during business hours 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST we offer a live chat from the home page

    Live Chat

    2. eMail: The second quickest way to contact us and get a response within hours is via email: admin@booktaco.com

    3. Twitter: @BookTaco

    4. Phone: (888) 448-3363

    5. Snail mail::
    Synergy 1 Group, Inc.
    Attention: Book Taco
    130 Corridor Road
    Unit 2152
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

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